So you’re probably wondering “what is a challenge group“?

Well, it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever for a busy mom like yourself!!

A Challenge Group is a private, specialized group on FaceBook where women support, motivate, and hold each other accountable while doing a fitness + nutrition program together!!

You get fitness & nutrition tips, motivation, & recipes. I pretty much keep you on task!!

I’m a certified fitness trainer & nutrition major so you get special, personalized attention to get you to your goals!!

A new challenge group starts each month!

What You Get:

* Fitness Program – workouts only 30 minutes per day!

* Clean Eating Plan (recipes included)

* Shakeology – nutrient dense meal replacement – 30 servings

* Fitness training all from your home – saves lots of time!

* Accountability & support through a private FaceBook group

I would love to hear from YOU!!

What are your goals? What are you struggling with now in your fitness journey & how can I help?!

Please fill out this simple form below so we can chat & get you started on your fitness journey!!

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