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Summer bodies are made NOW!! We can’t wait until June because by then it’s just too late! I want to feel & look my best when the weather heats up & I definitely want to feel pretty amazing in my tank top & shorts!!

I kicked off my COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER group last week & the ladies in my group are serious about getting summer ready! I’m so excited to lead them on a path toward success!!

These are my results from my first round of the 21 Day Fix:


21 Day Fix


When it comes to getting ready for summer there are a few things that have got to change in order to see + feel results!

  1. You need to commit to a program.  The program I’m committing to this month is the 21 Day Fix. I’ve been having serious knee pain & Ill need to modify any jumping but it’s worked for me last year & Im going for another round!

This week’s schedule:

Summer Countdown Workout Schedule


2. Next up is a meal plan. I fall into the first bracket so 1200-1499 calories. According to the 21 Day Fix eating plan I get:

Red – 4

Green – 3

Purple – 2

Yellow – 2

Blue – 1

Orange – 1

Teaspoon – 2

While I’m pretty good about sticking to these categories, I’m not so great at actually measuring out my food with the containers – big mistake!! So, this round is all about measuring out my portions to get results!!

I know I’ll get hungry to to help with that I must stay on top of my water intake. I also love to drink Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea – my favorite!!

Heres what this week’s meal plan looks like:


21 Day Fix meal plan


Okay so there’s the plan & it’s going to get serious results!! Stay tuned for before + after photos!


21 Day Fix group


Ready to get serious results too?!

Join the next challenge group – we start the beginning of every month!

Just comment below or send me a message & Ill get you all the details!!?

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