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This past year I have completely changed up how I work out. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

I used to waste so much time working out. While it was great to have a long stretch of mommy alone time it was stressing me out!! Waking up at 5:15 am, driving to the gym for Spin class & driving back home took almost 2 hours!! Nearly every afternoon I was exhausted & took a nap while my preschooler napped!

Not only was I wasting time to work out, I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should! I was mainly doing cardio workouts (running + Spin) & still needed to include strength training. I just couldn’t figure out when I’d fit that in too!!

Heres my before photo. This is working out six days a week & eating moderately healthy.

21 Day Fix Before

I needed a workout that was short + included a simple eating plan & this was perfect for me as a busy mom of two little boys!

Here’s what I did!

The 21 Day Fix!

After I received my box I took out the Eating Plan & determined which calorie bracket I fit into.

I determined how many color coded containers I get per day & then I planned out my meals & made a grocery list. I love that I don’t have to make separate food for me! I can make meals that my whole family can enjoy! A lot of my favorite recipes are on this blog. Click HERE

21 Day Fix

The BEST time for me to workout is before anyone else is awake in the morning which means 6 am. Let’s face it – much better than when I used to drive to the gym at 5:15 am – yay! It’s quiet in the house & it’s just me sweating my butt off!

Each day was a different 30 minute workout which was great because I never got bored & it was a great mix of cardio & strength training. The workouts are 7 days a week but if I had to skip a day I used Sunday as my make-up workout!

21 Day Fix

The Eating Plan was a bit challenging at first because I had to keep track of all the food I ate each day. This was actually a really good thing because it made me aware of EVERYTHING that was going in my mouth!

I found it challenging to not eat so many carbs (my favorite!) but it got easier & my body adjusted.

I really liked that I could search on & Pinterest (under 21 Day Fix recipes) for healthy + easy recipes. It wasn’t hard to meal plan at all! Loved that!

Completing the 21 Day Fix was a huge accomplishment for me! It was an amazing program because it was simple + saved time!

Here’s a comparison of my before & after pics. I did not drop a lot of weight (5 pounds) but I lost fat & gained muscle which is much more important to me! I lost 6 inches overall!! Remember, this was completed in 21 days!! Pretty impressive!

21 Day Fix

If you’re a busy mom that’s ready to make a change then I would love to help you!!

Each month I run wellness groups for moms that want to gain confidence + lead healthier lives. Just comment below or message me so we can chat & see if the 21 Day Fux would be a good fit for you!

Click HERE for more information on the next group!!

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