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Purpose For Your Pain

Need a little direction & purpose in your life?

Do you ever feel like the days pass by & you’re not really doing anything except getting through each day?

I’ve had times in my life where I’ve felt like this.
I know God has a special purpose for me & it’s really hard to sometimes figure out what that is.

Being a coach + fitness instructor is where God wants me right now . . .

Looking from the outside you don’t see the hours of work I put in per week & how many times I’ve wanted to give up.

BUT I continue because so many people tell me they’ve been encouraged & inspired from a Facebook post or they’ve gained a new confidence in themselves from being in one of the group’s I run every month.

None of this is on accident. God knew long ago that this is where I’d be. A story of a young girl who was overweight with no confidence & full of negativity now having people come to her saying how they’ve been encouraged!!! Wow!

Reading “You’re Loved No Matter What” & love this:

“So if you’re sitting there wondering if God can use you because your life is not as it should be, and your heart is aching – know that your greatest hurt will probably be your greatest ministry.

Like the disciple Thomas who doubted until he touched the scars of Jesus, some people in your life need to see your broken places more than your victories.

. . . God sees purpose in our brokenness even when we don’t, and He can use it to bring forth beauty that blesses those around us.”

Let God use your brokenness to minister to others. You’ll be amazed at how His work through you can change someone else’s life.?

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