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Do You HATE the Scale?

Going into the doctors office the other day, they asked me to step on the scale.?

I haven’t stepped on a scale in two months because that number has always defined me.I know, I know that if shouldn’t define me but when you’ve been overweight it’s a number that either makes you feel good or bad about yourself.

It makes you feel like you’ve got yourself pulled together or let yourself go.

It defines my insecurities & weaknesses.

It’s a number that has so much power over me emotionally that it can literally ruin my day.?

So, I just stopped weighing myself because that does not reflect who I am & does not paint the whole picture. ❤️

You see, the number on that scale was higher than I wanted it to be (I swear Dr’s office scales weigh heavier!!!) & I wanted to say “Really? That can’t be right!!” I’ve been working my butt off for months!!!

But you see that number is just a number.

When I put on my clothes – they’re looser because I’ve lost inches, when I stand in front of a mirror & look at pics, my body composition has changed.

Having energy, feeling healthy, & becoming more confident in who I am inside is changing.

So the scale at my house will remain hidden for now.?

It’s a number that no longer defines me & I hope in 2016 you’ll feel that way too!

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