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Finding My Best Friend


Have you ever made a decision in your life & were completely scared to do it?

This happened to me when I went to college. I was an overweight, insecure girl & here I was getting dropped off at a small Christian college where I knew NO ONE.

I was so strong saying goodbye to my parents but the day after they left I freaked out & was so homesick!! I was determined that there was no way I could stay at this college that I had chosen so I called my parents & said I wanted to come home.

They said NO.

So here I was, this girl who does not adapt to change well. It’s true, I still don’t. I was so homesick that I couldn’t even swallow food & so stressed.

But I had to stick it out.

Thankfully I had met a really nice girl the first day (our parents had actually met first & told us to be friends). She lived in a different dorm but we started hanging out. Oh, did I mention she was from Nebraska?

Even though we were polar opposites personality wise (she was the most popular girl on campus & SUPER outgoing while I was so quiet & shy) we clicked. We became best friends & after two years I ended up moving to Nebraska so we could be roommates & finish out college together.

We are still best friends today (20 years later).

She brought me out of my shell & helped me be more outgoing. We are a good balance.

What if I would’ve come home from being homesick? My life would’ve been so different. Even though I was so afraid to be away at college it’s so easy to look back now & see how Gods plan for my life unfolded. I couldn’t be more thankful for having to go through a tough time! I gained a best friend & even met my husband (Nebraska boy!).

Sometimes we’re afraid to try.

Sometimes we’re scared.

Sometimes it’s hard to stick things out because we don’t know what lies ahead.

But we won’t know unless we just go for it. Sometimes the best things lie ahead even we have to go through the unknown/scary stuff first!!


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