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Giving Up New Years Resolutions



A couple years ago I gave up making New Years Resolutions!

Why? I’ve made a weight loss resolution nearly every year my whole life & every year I failed. Quite honestly, I was tired of failing & each year I’d make a completely unrealistic goal & by week 3 I would give up. This led to even more poor eating, more weight gain, & more guilt.

So, why did I quit every single year?

I was working out consistently. I knew how to eat right. What was the missing link?

It was accountability. The only person I was accountable to was myself which doesn’t get any of us too far, does it? If you don’t feel like working out or are too tired you don’t go – no accountability. If you want a bowl of ice cream after dinner no ones going to tell you not to do it – you need accountability.

So this past year has been a complete 180 for me because there’s a group of women cheering me on! We may be in all different parts of the country & Canada but we meet together every single day to check in & motivate each other because THAT is what is going to get you to your goal.

So, what about you?

What’s going to be different as you head into the New Year? Now’s the time to make a plan to set yourself up for success & if your goals include getting fit then join us!!!

We start Monday, January 4!! Comment below if you’re ready for accountability with your nutrition & fitness & I’ll get right back to you!!

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