I did a cleanse.

Yup! Miss nutrition major who has been taught from the very beginning that there’s no point in doing a cleanse because your body does not need it!

So you’re wondering then WHY did I decide to try it out?

I decided to try out a cleanse because I felt like I was in a funk. I was working out but my nutrition was not so great. In fact, I was frustrated because I was eating a handful or more of chocolate chips every day & I was snacking on unhealthy foods, & I was nibbling off my kids plates after dinner (please tell me you’ve been there!! Ugh!!)

I just needed a big time reset & by doing a cleanse it would take away & break my chocolate chip/unhealthy food habits!! Just what I needed!!

Going with the 3 Day Refresh was awesome because it contained everything I needed for a three day cleanse! I did not want anything complex that I needed to prepare so this was perfect!

3 Day Refresh

The BEST thing I did was running an accountability group to do the cleanse with me. I had 8 other ladies checking in online every day so we could all keep each other accountable! We all needed to lean on each other to make it through each day!! I’m not saying it was horrible BUT I definitely was hungry!!

Here’s what you get:

Each day was pretty much the same which made it really easy to follow!!

Breakfast: Shakeology with 1/2 banana

Mid Morning: Fiber sweep (pretty much a Metamucil drink)

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake + fruit + veggie + healthy fat

Snack: Veggie + healthy fat

Dinner: Vanilla Fresh + Dinner option (listed in book) which was a veggie + healthy fat

Water: Half your body weight (in ounces)

Extra: Drink unsweetened tea throughout the day

You eat around 900 calories a day.

This is the menu I followed & posted in the accountability group to take out any guesswork!

3 Day Refresh Menu

I also included this Grocery List!!

3 Day Refresh Grocery List

I had a run scheduled with my running partner & a tennis league game already planned so I did both of those for exercise even though it was suggested to do a low level of exercise or not at all. I felt fine but you’d need to see how you feel.

After 3 days these were my results!!

Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Inches Lost: 1 1/2 inches

3 Day Refresh Results

I was not only changed physically but also mentally!! I didn’t expect a mental shift! This really taught me self discipline which really is needed every day for me to say “no” to sweets & unhealthy options.

Getting rid of sugar & bad news foods really got me back on track! I’m two weeks out & have yet to eat a chocolate chip – that’s HUGE for me!!

So I would highly recommend the 3 Day Refresh not to drop weight quickly but because it really resets you both mentally & physically so now I’m back to watching portions & choosing healthier options!!

If you’re wanting to reset your body & get a fresh start please contact me & I can help you get started!!

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