Creating an amazing free challenge group especially when you’re a new coach can be overwhelming!

Trying to decide what type of group to do, what theme, who will join (if anyone besides your best friends), & then hoping they will join one of your longer groups or becoming a coach is stressful!!

I’m here to give you the steps to make your first free group a success!!

So, I encourage all new coaches to run a short 5-7 day free group every month.

Why? It’s shows potential customers/coaches that they need to be in one of your longer groups & shows them the value in what you offer! I put my best foot forward in these groups & give each challenger my VIP treatment!

I’ve had great success in the free groups & I encourage all new coaches to pick 5-7 days a month to run a free group!

Here are my top tips on creating an amazing free challenge group:

Date: I usually schedule a free group starting the second Sunday of the month.

Why? Then I’ll have time to follow up with each person & potentially have a few people purchase a challenge pack & move into either a 21 Day Fix group or a 30 day mixed group.

Theme: Plan out your group at least two months ahead of time! Think about what’s going on that month & potential struggles people might be dealing with.

Here are several themes/ideas: football, comfort foods, tail gating, back to school, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving – being thankful, Christmas – parties, sweets, New Years – weight loss, fresh start, water challenge, no sugar, crock pot recipes, adding more veggies, spring break, vacations, summer swim suits, etc.

Once you’ve figured out your theme or idea then go into Canva or Picmonkey & create an eye appealing ad.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve used in the past!

Fall Free Group

Free Group Idea

Promoting: Once you’ve formed your idea/theme it’s time to start promoting your group!!

    1. Create an Event on your Facebook “like” page. I ALWAYS create an event on my “Like” page & then I go through my list of friends & invite each one. Start promoting your event one week out from the start date.
    2. The next thing I do has helped reach into my cold market big time! I tell each person that joins my event that they must “share” my event in order to join. This way tons of people that I do not know end up joining my free group!

Here’s an example of my Event invite:

It’s fall & life is busy, right?

I’m hosting a FREE FIVE – DAY CROCK & CORE CHALLENGE GROUP for my friends & followers!! This is an opportunity for you to learn how to make healthy crock pot meals & strengthen your core!!

You will be added to the group this Friday to meal plan & prep over the weekend! I will provide the meal plan & recipes. Then we will eat our healthy crock pot dinners the next week!! PLUS, each day you will complete a core exercise!

Can we all give high fives for having dinners prepped a whole week ahead of time!!!

If you invite friends you will be entered in a drawing for awesome prizes (Lululemon’s involved ?)!

Starts Monday, September 21.

To join:
SHARE this post! Go to my page to do this:
LIKE my page!

Also, if we are not already friends on Facebook please add me so I can add you to the group!

  1. Once someone joins your group, personally message them by welcoming them & giving them any information the will need to know before start day.

Competition/Prize: Another way to entice people to join your group is to offer up a prize! Anyone who shares my event gets entered into a drawing!

A few ideas for prizes:  Lululemon headband, water bottle, Shakeology packets, t-shirt, gift card, etc.

Usually one of the last days of the free group I’ll hold a drawing for those who post on that day. This way everyone’s commenting & getting involved in the group. This helps keep the momentum going & it’s fun!!

Last Day of the Group: The last day I always make a video thanking everyone for joining the group & then inviting them to join my next 21 Day Fix group or month long challenge group. After I post the video I then make another post typing out more of the specifics about the group & this is when I announce the winner of the drawing.

ALWAYS post the winner at the very end of the last day so your challengers are still plugged in to the group until the very end!

Follow Up: The KEY to success is in the follow up!!!

The day after the group ends I message each challenger thanking them for joining the group & asking them if they’d be interested in joining one of the longer groups by purchasing a challenge pack!

Using this format has been a huge help to making amazing free challenge groups!! I hope you have lots of success creating your own!

If you’re ready to get started coaching then please message me & I can show you exactly how to start a successful Beachbody coaching business!

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