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Are Frozen Diet Foods Really Healthy?

What’s your go- to lunch?

Are  you guilty of purchasing frozen diet foods to save time?

I was! In college I bought “healthy” frozen foods because I wanted something quick & I truly believed that frozen foods were a healthy option. They were also inexpensive & didn’t taste too bad!

Now I’m not saying ALL frozen foods are bad! There are definitely some good options but the majority of name brand frozen meals are not so good.

Here’s the lowdown on “healthy” frozen foods & some quick lunch ideas to replace the frozen options!!

What You’re Really Eating When You Buy Frozen Meals

  1. Sodium

Most frozen foods contain between 700-1800 milligrams of sodium. Depending on the meal, that can be over half your sodium allotment for the day.

2.  Not Enough Calories

When you eat a “healthy” frozen food for lunch you’re most likely only eating around 300 calories which will leave you hungry shortly after. Depending on the meal it may lack protein & fiber to keep you satisfied.

3. Additives & Preservatives

Go ahead & look at your favorite frozen food label. Are those ingredients you have at home? Can you buy each of those ingredients & make it yourself? Probably not. Frozen meals are often not “clean”. I definitely would prefer to eat whole foods!

Okay! So what are some healthy, quick, & easy lunch options to replace those frozen meals?

Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. Salads with a Lean Protein

Huge time saver! Purchase pre-made salads or chop & prep veggies over the weekend. Bake or grill several chicken breasts on the weekend too & then assemble salads into individual containers for the whole week.

2.  Turkey or Veggie Burgers

Pre-cook turkey burgers then pack a whole grain bun & toppings (sliced avocado, tomato, lettuce). Assemble your burger & you’re all set for a satisfying & healthy lunch!

Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

3.  Soup

A super easy option that can be made in the crockpot, divided into individual containers, and eaten throughout the week. You could even divide into containers & freeze for future use!!

This week try out making a healthy lunch in your own kitchen! Yes, it takes some planning & prep but you’ll find that not only will your freshly prepared meals taste better, but they’ll also be healthier & stick with you longer.


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