Lose the Last Ten Pounds


I’m How many times have you tried to lose the last 10 pounds? It’s tough isn’t it? As a mom I’ve struggled with those last ten pounds for years & now I’m ready to change things up to feel better about my body! I’m going to be 40 years old in just over a year & I want to feel amazing!!

Here are several ways to mix things up to drop those last ten pounds:

  1. Start Working Out or Change Up Your Workout

Adding in a 30 minute workout even a few days a week will burn calories & get you headed in the right direction. Pick something you enjoy & just start moving!! If you’ve been running for 2 years & only run then you definitely need to change things up! You don’t need to give up what you love to do but add in something like strength training.

2. Move throughout the day

The calories burned in small bouts throughout the day add up. Go for a short walk in the middle of your day, take the stairs, run around & play tag with your kids! If you sit all day in an office then take breaks walking outside instead of eating bad news foods in the break room.

3.   Change Your Exercise Intensity

As you increase intensity, the more calories you’ll burn. So if you take long walks consider adding in speed intervals. Interval training can be applied to lots of workouts: swimming, running, cycling, etc.

4.  Eat More Often

Think you’re saving calories by cutting out snacks? Don’t. Eating often throughout the day keeps your blood sugar level & your body will be more fuel efficient. You’ll be less hungry throughout the day & be less likely to reach for those bad news foods!!

5.  Add Strength Training

Ok this is huge!! If you are not lifting weights then start now!! You’ll increase muscle which will burn more calories throughout your day. Plus you’ll develop muscle definition & curves!!

6. Eat More Fresh Foods

Next time you go to the grocery store shop around the perimeter of the store. I bet if you look at your diet you are not getting enough vegetables!! Get creative, try new recipes, & eat more healthy salads!

7. Cut Out Liquid Calories

Love that daily morning mocha? Swap it out for black coffee. No, seriously – do this!! You’ll save lots of calories & get the sugar rush out of your system. This also goes for alcohol. Either drink less or replace higher calorie alcoholic drinks with lower ones.

8. Include Protein & Fiber

By adding in protein & fiber you will stay fuller longer & be less likely to cave in to your cravings throughout the day. I’ll often eat nonfat Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of peanut butter mixed in & berries on top.

9. Drink Water

Okay, I know you’ve heard this one a million times but it’s really important!! You should be drinking half your body weight (in ounces) of water every day.

10. Be Accountable

Find a buddy that wants to lose the last ten pounds just like you & check in with each other!! Meet up with a friend to workout! Join an accountability group! Built in accountability helps you stay on track & not slack off!!

Need extra motivation + tools to reach your goals?! Join a monthly wellness accountability group! Fill out this form to be considered for the group!!

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