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Some friends have been asking why I’ve become a health & wellness coach so I thought I’d share!

Before I had kids I worked in corporate fitness. Working in hospitals with employee health & fitness was an amazing job! I loved teaching fitness classes, having my own little office where I interacted with gym members all day, & training people on how to use equipment or doing some personal training. The major bonus of this job was the flexibility – I worked with one other person (who was awesome!!) & I could workout whenever I wanted & arrange my own work hours. It was pretty much my dream job!!

Well, we ended up moving for my husband’s schooling so I quit my job in corporate fitness, had a baby & I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past eight years!

As my kids (now 8 & 5 years old) have gotten older I had been thinking about what I would do once they started school & my husband was asking me the same thing. We have student loans, want to save more for our kids college, & save for retirement so that means I need to bring in some income! I had toyed with the idea of going back to school for nursing or to become a registered dietitian (I was a nutrition major in college) but I didn’t have a huge desire to get back in the classroom. Plus, how would I manage kids, school, summers? I also am a pretty driven person who likes flexibility & likes to run things my way (who doesn’t want that, right?).

So, several months ago I was reading a fashion blog that I follow & the blogger was getting into fitness doing P90X3. Well it sparked my interest because first off I love fitness, I really connected with this blogger & liked her, & my sister was doing P90X3 too! I continued following this fashion bloggers journey & then she posted that she was now a Beachbody coach. I had no idea what that was but she said she was hosting an open house online for people who wanted to learn more about it. I figured “what the heck! I may as well check it out!” There was no obligation. It was just to learn about the coaching business.

As I followed posts in this “coaching open house” there were several things that jumped out at me:
1. Freedom. This means something different to everyone but to me it meant that if I became a coach I would have the potential to meet some financial goals for our family. We could pay off student loans. We could save for retirement & college. Meeting these goals would take off a lot of pressure on my husband & that’s a huge motivator for me!
It’s not just financial freedom, although that’s huge, but I want to continue to have the freedom of time. If my kids have a field trip, I want to be able to drop everything & go. When they’re off all summer, I want to be able to play at the park or pool with them. There’s no way I wanted to be stuck in a 9-5 job with no flexibility.

2. Something that I can call my own. I’ve always dreamed of running my own business but I wasn’t sure what that would be!! We had talked about purchasing a coffee drive-thru business which definitely appealed to me but it again went back to me being away from our family & not having flexibility. I’ve always had a pit of my stomach feeling to have my life be more than folding laundry everyday & I felt a little lost being a stay at home mom. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important. It’s just not “me”.

3. Why not me? I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older but I’ve had a huge mind shift this past year. If there’s an opportunity presented to me & I’m drawn to it then why not go for it? I don’t want to live with regret & say “oh, maybe someday I’ll do . . . ” then that some day’s never going to come. Life is busy & there’s always an excuse or a doubt or you rationalize yourself out of any risky choice!! Plus, if it doesn’t work out or I fail who cares?! I just get back up & try again. Bottom line: fear is not standing in my way anymore.

At the last day of the Open House I said “YES”!
And you know what? Being a coach is the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I’m doing what I love by helping people with their health & fitness, I work while my kids are at school (in my comfy yoga pants), & I’m building a team of like minded women that are now my friends. We’re not financially free (yet) but my weekly checks are paying for one of my kids private schooling every month!

I’m not living with regret because I could’ve easily talked myself out of not doing this. I could’ve rationalized a hundred different reasons why coaching wouldn’t work out but I’ve said ENOUGH to negativity & fear of failure!

I made the BEST decision for me & my family. It just works for us & I definitely see a successful future ahead!

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