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Recently I’ve had a rough time with anxiety & stress.

I know how I’m supposed to deal with stress but I’m still not very good at it. Its tough juggling family, work, & relationships plus learning about a family members cancer diagnosis while looking like you’ve got yourself pulled together & life is great!!

Yeah, I can fake that I’m doing awesome. I’m good at being positive even though I’m having a rough day. I can rationalize a lot, take deep breaths, workout, & be positive but I still feel anxiety come over me often.

So, I’m making a change this month in a couple areas of my life & am asking those of you who are struggling with anxiety, stress, & perfectionism to join me if you’d like.


Here’s a couple of things I will be doing this month:

1. Praying & Spending time in Gods Word – I do this often but thankfully my fall Bible study has started again & instead of just racing through the questions to get it done, I’m really wanting to meet with God each day & “know” Him better by praying & meditating on His words in the Bible.

2. Workouts – I am a die hard cardio. & strength training fanatic but I’ve had to reevaluate changing things up for a month because my body & mind need to be refreshed & refocused. So, I’m going to give the PiYo workout a shot. It’s been on my list of workouts to try for a while but I’ve been hesitant to start because of the fear that I wouldn’t get my heart rate up enough (even though I’ve had friends say it’s awesome!). It’s a great combination of Pilates & yoga – perfect for stress & anxiety!

3. Organizing & Cleaning – I realize more & more that if my house is a mess then I do not feel calm. I get more stressed out! I’m not a complete “clean freak” but if my kitchens a disaster & there are piles of laundry then it makes my head spin. So now every Monday is my house cleaning day. This way my house is in order & I can work at home & focus on everything else for the week!

4. Clean Eating & Shakeology – Planning out healthy meals for the entire week ensures that I’m treating my body right. Eating plenty of fruits & vegetables, lean proteins, & healthy complex carbohydrates keeps my energy up & I just feel so much better. I also replace one meal a day with Shakeology because it gives me a ton of dense nutrition that I may leave out in my diet each day & it helps curb my cravings.

So, I’m excited to start on this new journey! I really am hoping by focussing on these key areas that I will be able to handle stress & anxiety better.

I’d love to hear from you & any strategies you use for anxiety? Has anything in particular worked for you?



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