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Summers Over!! I know – I’m so sad too!!

You know why I’m extra sad? Because I have to start making school lunches again!! Yuck!

I’d rather clean my house or do laundry than make lunches!!

I think I have a hard time  because I never plan ahead & I make them every single night before school. So this year I needed a plan. I searched different options online but there was no way I was going to use cookie cutters on anything – seriously, who has time for THAT?

I came up with a simple way to make lunches for an entire week plus an easy way to get your kids involved by packing their lunches each morning before they leave for school! Mom wins!


Make Ahead Lunches

Make Ahead Lunches


Pack Ahead Lunch Menu Plan:

Every week I sit down & come up with a little menu plan for the week ahead.

These are the food categories I use each week:


  • cubed chicken or turkey
  • string cheese
  • Baby Bell Cheese

Healthy Carbohydrates

  • whole grain crackers
  • cereal
  • homemade muffins

Fruits & Veggies

  • sliced apple
  • carrots
  • pea pods


  • granola bars
  • Annies cookies & crackers
  • fruit snacks

You could switch these up each week or choose whichever foods your kids love!!

Pack Ahead Lunches

Pack Ahead Lunches


On the weekend you’ll slice & dice & pack up all these different foods!

I buy these colored sandwich bags at Target because they’re fun & easy to grab!

You can definitely use reusable containers too – lots of options!!

I pack each food category in a colored bag:

Red: Proteins

Green: Fruits & Veggies

Yellow: Healthy Carbohydrates

Then I place each food category in a bin. These bins are labeled (I’ll get to that in a second) & placed in the fridge.

Pack Ahead Lunches

Pack Ahead Lunches

School Week Plan:

Now it’s time for your kids to get involved!!

I label each bin according to how many bags they can take each day.

So for my kids, they can take two proteins (one red bag & one string cheese), one healthy carbohydrate (yellow bag), & two veggies/fruits (green bag). They also grab two snacks.

I love that they can grab their lunch bags, open up the fridge & pantry & do this themselves! It saves me time in the morning & they’re taking some responsibility of helping make their own lunch!

Pack Ahead Lunches

Pack Ahead Lunches

Here’s a video how to make Pack Ahead Lunches – For an Entire Week!!

So what do you think? Could this work for your family?  Would love your feedback!!


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  • Ginger

    This is such a smart idea!

  • Fabiola

    OMG, this is absolute genius!! I shared on Pinterest and I am doing this starting this week. Thank you thank you thank you!!


      Fabiola so glad you’re going to do this!! Even though it takes some time on the weekend it’s DONE & I’m not stressing to put lunches together every morning!

  • Kim

    Forget the kids…I’m using this for me!!! (Of course, I don’t mean forget the kids. My son actually eats school lunch every day. I LOVE this to organize my lunches for the week though.) Thanks.


      Love it Kim!! Yes I HIGHLY recommend that everyone do this!! Hope you’ll try it out!

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    What a great idea!!

  • kandice

    I love this!! I keep saying I need to try and well.. I havent yet. But I would love to (even for myself!)


      Kandice – Prepping lunches is not only a huge time saver but then you’ll eat healthier food too! Try it out!

  • Ashliegh

    What a great idea!! Im going to have to implement this in our house… for my husband haha x


      Ashliegh! You crack me up!! Yes let’s get those husbands involved!!

  • Faye Wilkerson

    Such good ideas. I’m going to try this for my husband. He likes to eat at his desk and wants me to pack a lunch for him everyday.


      Thanks Faye! So much easier to prep on the weekends & then you’re done!!

  • JennyB

    Fantastic idea getting the kids involved too.


      Yes! I wanted my kids to help but not make a disaster in the kitchen!

  • Becki S

    This is amazing! I only have my husband and I to pack for (for now) but this system would be fabulous for anyone who makes lunches. It makes it so easy and you don’t have to worry about portioning anything out the morning of. Thanks for sharing.


      Yes it’s definitely for anyone making lunches! Prepping foods ahead of time also keeps you eating clean & away from fast food.

  • Jenn Peters

    Hello Kendra,

    Stopping in from the Sunday Blog Hop. Thank you so much for linking up this post!

    You seemed to have really made packing lunches easier. I know when I pack (just for myself or my husband) it’s whatever I can grab and chuck in a grocery bag on my way out the door. This would be a great way to incorporate better eating habits though!

    Thanks again for linking up. Hope to see you share again next week 🙂


      Oh thanks Jenn!
      I’m trying to come up with any ideas to get my kids (& myself) to eat clean, healthy foods with ease. This system is working well in our house so far so I hope it will help you & your husband too! Planning ahead is key!! Thanks for visiting!!

  • Bun Karyudo

    You are an amazingly organized person! It certainly beats our system of grab whatever’s available and shove it in a bag.


      Thank you!! Ummmm . . . I used to be the “grab whatever’s available & shove it in the bag” type but it was stressing me out every morning! This system helps a ton!!

  • Nichola

    I love this idea for getting organised with healthy lunch options. Thanks for sharing.

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