Energy drinks are extremely popular!!

With everyone so busy it’s no wonder why people are reaching for a quick, go-to drink to give them a boost of energy.

A friend of mine had this Starbucks drink the other day. Of course I was curious as to what was in it exactly. The label makes it appear “healthy” with B vitamins, Ginseng, & Guarana but when looking at the label I was pretty surprised to see how much sugar, caffeine, & lack of nutrition it contained!

These energy drinks have some side effects that are hard on your body!! People often experience energy highs & crashes, headaches, & heart palpitations.

So while he was drinking his Starbucks energy drink, I proceeded to drink SHAKEOLOGY. I’ve been drinking SHAKEOLOGY for about six months now. I majored in dietetics (nutrition) so I’m pretty picky about what I eat & drink. So, I wouldn’t even try SHAKEOLOGY before checking out the label. I was impressed to find no artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or soy.

Why is SHAKEOLOGY a better choice?
Curbs cravings
Full of super fruits
Natural energy boost
Aids in digestion

Energy Drink vs. Shakeology

Energy Drink vs. Shakeology


Why would you spend $3.50 on an energy drink with no nutritional value when you could spend $4.00 on a meal replacement shake which keeps you full for 2-3 hours & is packed full of good nutrition?!

Energy Drink vs Shakeology

Energy Drink vs Shakeology


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