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Several years ago I worked at a hospital as a supervisor for the employee fitness center.
I loved my job!!

It was the kind of job that was super flexible & I truly loved getting to know the “regulars” that came in to work out every day!

One woman that I got to know well was Lauren. She was a trauma nurse & I was always so impressed that she’d bike up to work in the pouring rain with all her rain gear on. As I got to know her I found out that she was a really great runner (she was sponsored by Reebok in her younger years) & she was a super triathlete!

Another “regular” was Bernd. He amazed me!! He was previously a heavy smoker & at the age of 40 quit smoking, cold turkey & signed up for an Ironman. Yes you read that right!! He completely just made the decision to complete an Ironman & after the first one he’s competed in one Ironman every year!!

Wow! These people were inspiring!! So, we started talking about triathlons & they said I should register for one.

Who me?!!!

They said I would love it!! They said I could do it!!
So, I thought about it.
Well, after knowing friends & family would think I’m crazy I still decided to register for a sprint triathlon that was six months out. I’m a planner & competitive & if I was going to sign up then I really wanted to be ready!!

I started training. The cool thing about my job was that I could workout while working so I’d run & swim several times a week & then bike on the weekends.

I didn’t even own a road bike so Bernd offered me his bike for the summer!!

So, six months later I went to my first race. I was so nervous & as I was waiting kept thinking “Why am I doing this?!?!”. Was this truly the dumbest idea ever?!

As I was racing I felt good & I really enjoyed looking ahead to see who I could pass next. It was quite a rush!!

I crossed the finish line & still felt good. I was tired but I enjoyed every single second of the race. And guess what? I placed sixth out of 100 women in my age group. I was so happy with that time!!

When I showed up at the hospital the next week I had my little cheering section asking me about my race & congratulating me – that sure felt good! These people believed in me & were so motivating!! There’s no way I would’ve ever taken that step to race if it wasn’t for them!!

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