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I’ve written about my struggle with being an overweight child & teenager before but I wanted to write about how much WORDS can hurt. I hope this helps parents of overweight children or adults to teach their children how much words their kids say can really tear another child apart!

I knew I was overweight, I didn’t need to be reminded. My class in elementary school was actually really nice to me. I remember a couple boys making comments about my weight but that was it.
It was a different story with adults. You’d think kids would be the really mean ones with no sensitivity but nope it was adults. Words stay with you FOREVER & can shape your thoughts & your self esteem.

I was ten years old. I was not very good at sports but I had tried softball, swimming, & basketball. My younger sister was in gymnastics & it looked fun!! I signed up for a class (what was I thinking?!!!). I was in a class with other teenage girls that were beginners like me. We were learning the basics & the balance beam scared me to death!! I had no business being in gymnastics. I had a male coach & as we were ending class one day he pointed out things we needed to work on. He mentioned things to each girl & then got to me. He said I needed to do more sit ups because I was too chubby.

Those words stopped time. I was embarrassed & humiliated. How could he say that in front of those other girls?!!!

Those words have stuck with me my whole life. I actually haven’t shared this with very many people until the last few years. A mean comment stays with you forever & I truly believe my personality was shaped because of that single comment. It made me shy, insecure, & full of self doubt.

I definitely believe God had all this happen to me for a purpose. I can relate to those who struggle. My heart hurts for those kids who are overweight because it’s tough. I don’t care if that overweight kid comes from a super positive & supportive family. You feel negativity from other kids & adults everywhere!!

So how can you encourage an overweight child?
Talk about feelings. Is your child stressed, anxious, feels alone?
Lead by example – be active as a family, cook healthy meals, get rid of the junk, & watch portion sizes
Don’t talk about weight. Talk about healthy choices.
Do not use food as a reward.
Listen to your child & encourage them!

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