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Change of Heart

My husband & I had been married for about two years. I was working part time at a hospital teaching fitness classes & personal training & he was working in pharmaceutical sales.

We had bought our first house & I had a really cushy gig working part time while being a house wife. So while I was loving my career Mark, my husband, was not. He was going to doctors offices day after day feeling like he was just a walking billboard. He was feeling so much stress & no job satisfaction.

Mark had always wanted to be a doctor but it hadn’t worked out. We had brought up the conversation off & on of him going back to school but I was adamantly against it. I didn’t want to bring debt & stress into our lives so I said NO WAY!!

Well, I knew Mark wasn’t happy & I knew things weren’t going to change so I started praying. I prayed that God would soften my heart & give me peace if Mark was really supposed to go back to school. It didn’t take long before I knew God was just saying I needed to get over myself. God gave me complete peace that everything was going to work out & I just needed to trust Him.

So I told Mark & he was completely shocked! He really thought there was no way I would ever change my mind. He was all for going back to school & decided on optometry.

Let me tell you, my husband is a brain child so he was accepted into optometry school, we sold our house & moved to Oregon. So while he was back in school I was now working full time at a job that sucked! We had kind of switched roles – he was loving school & I was hating my job! But I knew it was temporary.

So after four years Mark graduated optometry school with honors & valedictorian of his class!! I’m so proud of him! He is the best optometrist & absolutely loves his job!! I thank God that he changed my heart to love my husband enough to chase after his dream!!

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